5 Ways Google Home Can Help your Parents & Grandparents during Quarantine

Because of ongoing issues worldwide, people are staying at home without. In this situation communicating can be problematic for all peoples, especially for our old generation, our senior citizens who are not using the social platform to connect. Mostly are not combined with the social platform, and several are not want to use new tech to socialize.

If you know any older adults that you want to gift Smartphone, then it is the best idea to give a smart speaker. Might be your friends or family that wants to spend their moments with fun and smart speaker can help them to spend their moments with lots of fun.

One of the best options is a Google speaker or smaller Google speaker mini; it is not for the new generation who are growing up with the internet. Because of their straightforward use, anyone can conveniently use this. A smart speaker helps you in your Home in so many ways included it can help your grandparents. In this article, we will teach you six reasons why intelligent speakers can help you in this ongoing disease as well as in your home too.

1) Searching Screen without screen

For the elder ones of the families who do are well-equipped with the internet, smartphone, computer, and tablet. Neat mini and the Google Home are easy to access the searching the website.

This doesn’t require any third-party application or any mobile phone browser to access the information. Someone who is old or young can easily use the smart speaker to get the current and latest news get sports score and weather updates and can also search the web for purchasing any things from the online website. Your grandparents ask, “What is the today news” to get the local news information and also know how the nearest stores open or not.

2) Connected with Family and loved Ones

Because of the ongoing emergency, “Google Home” is more convenient to work as a family member that can help you to chat or make a voice call to your family friends or loved ones that you want to communicate. This smart speaker can make a call to others and also speak as landline phones. Here only one thing that users need knows that they need to ask Google to call on the number. It is so simple, and we can also say that it is easier than touching a Smartphone touch screen.

If your relatives have not to preview the screen, then smart display cameras such as Nest Hub Max and Lenovo Smart Display that you can make an enjoyable video call from far distance relatives.

When the Home not able to dial 911 while in an emergency, then it can make call any another number that, in this situation, your grandparents, as well as grandparents, need help when they cannot intersect with the phones. So this is a lifesaver device that can help you in so many ways. It has all the information that knows to make calls via Google Home.


3) Getting Help near the House

If you have a Nest mini or Google Home for your parents or grandparents, Then you can also be inverting the smart lighting plug or bulb. Within this combination, you can told a simple command like Ok Google to turn on the light and turn of the light to control the lights hand-free. And the same process you can use for the other device like fan TV etc.

4) Keeping Personal Backup

It might be you know that Google Assistant have convenient features that can remember your personal information. You can remember the old days by asking Google as Ok Google; remember the kept that are not attached to the door, or you can also say Hey Google remember someone (need to announce your loved one’s name) birthdays is May 1.

Or you can also Say Ok Google, where is my key to get the notification of the one example that Google saves your command to remember.

5) Enjoy Entertainments

It does not matter your age for Google Assistance; it is one of the great devices that keeps entertainment on board. You only need to assist the Google assistant and tell your favorites program or TV shows or games that you want to interact with, quizzes, and any virtual adventure.

Several games can be play with the user’s voice to merge your mind. Three are some excellent options such as Tic Tac Toe, Blackjack, and even one of the most popular games like Jeopardy. You can also find several favorites games.

If your parents or grandparents have a vision issue or they cannot read a book, the Google Home speaker will help you to preview audio of the books that you want to listen to.

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