How to Beat Orphan of Kos in Bloodborne

FromSoftware‘s Bloodborne is a well-known name among the RPG community. Although, the game was released almost five years back and still keeps on acquiring several new gamers every day. The game was pretty much advanced during the time of its release that it still manages to provide modern gaming fun to the gamers.

The best attribute of the game is the boss battles, and there are several bosses fights available for the players. In this article, we will discuss one of the significant bosses of this game, aka Orphan of Kos fight. Players who are keen to know the ways to slain him easily should read this article carefully.

How to Fight with Orphan of Kos

Gamers need to craft a strategy to slain Orphan, and this can be easily accomplished by understanding his attacks. Players need to dodge the attacks of Kos as instant as they can because Orphan attacks contain a wide-reaching ability. All the attacks of Orphan inflict damage to almost every part of the arena, so it is suggested for the players to keep a distance from him.

Gamers need to lean forward while fighting with him at a close range and need to dodge downward while the monster is pretty distant. Gamers need to use their Invincibility Frames against the potent Hitbox Plus. Gamers need to be pretty aware while they are at a close distance from foe and requires to execute a counter-attack anytime they get a chance.


While the gamers are at a far distance from the foe, then they need to dodge his wide-reaching attacks, especially the infamous Projectile attack. After this, the battle will migrate to a second Phase in which the difficulty level will be increased.  The Orphan will attain an upgrade in his moves alongside the speed of executing them. Gamers need to be aware of an infamous lighting attack of Orphan in this phase, and players need to run quickly to dodge this attack.

Besides, there are several new attacks that Orphan possesses in this phase, including Acid Toss, and gamers can easily dodge it by a Back Dash comprised of perfect timing. After this, Orphan will begin to execute several attacks of Acid Toss by instantly jumping. This will favor him to get over the jumping attribute of the players, and now gamers need to be pretty fast to survive.

Gamers also need to be aware of the melee attacks of Orphan, which are pretty similar to the first phase but obtains an ability to inflict more damage. He will craft five swipes in a specific order through his attack, and gamers need to ensure pretty that they didn’t come into contact with anyone. One swipe can easily kill the players instantly, so gamers need to dodge this one too.

There are three major things that gamers need to keep in their mind while fighting with Orphan. The first one is to be attentive and always keep an eye on his move. The second one is to be pretty Fast during the battle. The third one is to Dodge all of his attacks wisely. The Orphan will begin to lose his Health pool after a couple of successful dodge by the players, and thus, gamers need to attack him at that point of time to slain him instantly.

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