How to block Targeted Ads Around the Web

Source: How to block Targeted Ads Around the Web


If you own laptops and smartphones, then you may have faced a situation when the websites on your device get flooded with ads for some products you recently searched. If you are irritated with these targeted ads, then you can choose to opt-out of them. But before that, you should have complete knowledge about the targeted advertisements.

About Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertising can be defined as the way adopted by the advertisers so they could reach potential consumers and influence them to purchase a particular product or service. These targeted ads delivered all along the websites are based on several factors such as income and educational level of the individual, opinions, lifestyle, economic status of the individual, race, age, and other details. The details are even much more in-depth and go to the inclusion of various types of targeted advertising such as mobile, time-based, content, behavioral, location or geographical based, social, search engine, sociodemographic, technical and retargeting.

Whenever, you got the targeted ads just after when you finished your search, it is obvious to think whether companies are looking at us or at whatever we are doing online. It is true that the companies got the details of whatever we search online, but it doesn’t mean that they also know about the particular identities. The targeted ads served to us is just the collections of samples taken randomly by the machine and not disclose the specific identity. However, if the data collected could be got into the hands of any evil entity, then it could pose a threat, but it is not so easy unless the evil entities do not know who you are. If you want to reduce the impact of these targeted ads, then you can take several measures some of which are given below:-

You can opt-out with WebChoices

Digital Advertising Alliance has the regulatory policies which aim at controlling the targeted aids across the web, and the users can use it to opt out of the ads. Digital Advertising Alliance provides a tool called WebChoices to manage the ads. The device can quickly scan your mobile or computer to see the targeting practices of 134 companies, and the users can perform it very quickly. You need to go to the portal of WebChoices and run the scan. When the scanning is completed, you will get the pop detailing some things. You have to tap on the Continue button when the pop appears to see the exact list. The list could be pretty long, and you have to keep scrolling in which you would find some big names such as FaceBook, Google, Twitter, etc. The users can opt-out of the ads by tapping on the link “Select All” and when you have finished the process, then click on the option “Submit Your Choices“. However, while performing the whole process, the users should keep in mind that this does not mean that you will be stopped getting ads. It just says that you will end getting personalized ads that were based on your online activities.

Choose Per Network Basis

The users can also choose the option of per-network basis if they want to opt-out of the targeted ads and here is the overview of some few big ones:-

Controlling Targeted ads on FaceBook

The users need to follow simple steps by the first login into your FaceBook account and then move to the Settings. Further, users can select “Ads“.

The users who are performing the function on mobile should go to the Menu and then head to settings.

Then, the users can click on Account Settings and further select Ads to opt-out of targeted ads.

When the users click on the option of Ads, then they will find a bunch of information regarding the content of the ads. The users can customize this by clicking on each category and also remove some topics by going and clicking on the section “Your Categories“. The users can also choose to hide some ads if they don’t want them to appear frequently by clicking on “Hide Ad Topics”.

Tips to Control Google Ads

Google is the biggest ad company in the world, and the users should go to the Ads Settings Page to opt-out of the targeted ads. When the users toggle on the top of the options, they will find the options to opt-out of the ads and also they can choose the newly introduced feature ” Reminder Ads” to get rid of personalized ads.

Controlling Ads on Twitter

The ads settings of Twitter are quite straightforward to follow; however, difficult to find as it tucked in the personalization menu. The users have to tap on their Picture Profile and then select Settings and further click on the option “Privacy & Safety“.  Now, the users have to search the option of  “Personalization & Data ” and further start editing by clicking on “Allow All”.

Controlling Instagram Ads

Instagram does not provide any dedicated ad settings, and so the users have to go through per ads basis to hide the ads. Further, the users either block or hide the ads appearing on Instagram, but the users should again keep it in their minds that it does not mean they will not receive any ads further. These targeted ads provide the websites to earn money, and so you can opt-out of these and not wholly stopped them.

The users can opt for some other options too, such as they can block the ads if coming frequently. They can block ads by all means if the pop-ups are regularly appearing and they are getting disturbed from this. However, you can allow the ads if they appear on the sidelines only. The users can avoid the ads on the sidelines and so companies posting such ads could earn enough money from these. The users can choose to opt-out of the advertisements which are bothering them; however, they will appear on the other networks and websites you will further browse.


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