How to Combine Two Powerpoint Presentations

When a large number of people are working on various PowerPoint presentations, then they have to combine all in the end. It is a difficult task and the first reason is the format. If the group is not in sync, then it can be a difficult task to combine them in the same format. Microsoft PowerPoint provides in-house solutions, including Excel and Word, which is going to allow us to mix several presentations, keeping the format integral. The correct way to do this is to ask the group to apply the precise theme. Ensure to customize themes in one file and share it with everybody. If you want to combine files, then this post might be useful for you. Read through the blog and follow the instructions to Combine Two PowerPoint Presentations.

How to Merge Multiple Presentations

There are 3 ways to mix multiple PowerPoint files. The primary one is better when you have little numbers, and protecting the format is the initial goal. The second one can merge infinite numbers of files present in the folder.

  • VBA Code Method
  • Reuse Slides process
  • Copy Paste Slides
  • Reuse Slides Process

    Microsoft PowerPoint provides the inbuilt tool named as Reuse Slides. It enables one to import particular or group of slides to a presentation from another without even to launch other files. As you select the option, ensure to choose the choice to format, mostly if you need to have a similar theme as the source document.

    If you need to reuse the Slides process, then you can follow the provided steps:

    1. Launch the Powerpoint document or the existing one where you need to combine slides.
    2. Click on the slide once that you need to add slides from a source document.
    3. Navigate to the Home.
    4. Tap on the New Slide.
    5. Select the Reuse Slide option.
    6. Search to choose the document that you need to combine. Press on arrow option.
    7. It will then discover entire sides accessible on the slide.
    8. Click on the slide that you need to add; it will be immediately inserted to slide.
    9. If you need to continue with format exactly as a source slide, checkbox, which prompts, “Keep source formatting.”

    Slide that you will insert here will be copied. The source document will remain untouched, and there will be no change in it.


    VBA Code Process

    Though there is no other option to combine the powerPoint Presentation, we have to use the VBA code, similar to what we have to do for combining the Excel documents. It is simple and works properly in comparison to the VBA code that we have used for Excel.

    If you want to use the VBA code process, then abide by the given instructions:

    1. In a new PowerPoint where you need to combine the entire presentations, click on ALT + F11.
    2. Tap on Insert.
    3. Then click on Module and then paste code within the module. You don’t have to bother saving it.
    4. Make the changes.
    5. Tap on F5; then, it will implement the code.

    It will import all the files and the slides accessible on the folder though it may lose the formatting. This is the main issue with the code. However, it can combine the number of files, which is the major advantage. Ensure to delete the VBA code as the import is finish.

    Copy Paste Slides

    You can use it when you have a large number of files, mostly 3, and if you need to copy a few slides from it. As you may apply Ctrl + C or Ctrl + V, however, then you will misplace the formatting. Then as you copy slides, right-click on a slide list menu of a destination document, then choose to keep the format. Ensure to select between the several documents to combine and the theme of the slide according to you.

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