How to Fix Data Error Cyclic Redundancy Check

Cyclic redundancy check data error code occurs when your device detects some unknown changes in raw data. It is utilized in the storage and network device and can also happen while Windows detects significance drive changes. Another reason for the error can be a failure to acknowledge the drives connected with your PC.

Sometimes this error occurs in Outlook when you download email tools into your PC, and you can also view this notification while downloading it into your PC. It also occurs when your file and folder are corrupted. If you are suffering from ERROR CRC error that can be affected by Data Error (cyclic redundancy check) notification, then you need to go through with this article. Here we will teach you how you can fix cyclic redundancy check data error.

How to Fix Data Error Cyclic Redundancy Check

In this article, we will show you how to fix cyclic redundancy check data error in six ways:

  • Checking Disk for Error
  • Format Hard Drive
  • Cleaning Temporary Folders and File
  • Using earlier drive letter and changing with New One
  • Installing Recuva and PartedMagic
  • Using Diskpart
  • 1) Checking Disk for Error

    If you are using Windows 10, then you can Command Prompt to check Run a disk.

    Start Command Prompt as an administrator and insert the chkdsk C:/f command. You need to follow and then replacing the letter C with your hard drive.

    Here are the steps to fix this issue error cyclic redundancy check in Windows 7.

    1. Visit the hard drive.
    2. Right-tap on the drive that you wish to check.
    3. Choose properties.
    4. Tap Tool.
    5. In the Error-checking option, tap check and verify the automatically fix error System file option.

    2) Format Hard Drive

    If the above troubleshoot did not work, then you need to try other options formatting the drive that can make issues. Formatting and reinstalling the default drive set up can fix this issue. Remember one thing that formatting your drives means deleting all the folder and files that stored on your drive.

    Here are the steps on how to format and to restore hard drive:

    1. Visit the Start.
    2. Enter cmd.
    3. Right-tap the cmd search field result.
    4. Choose Run as Administrator
    5. Enter format C: /FS:exFAT.
    6. Tap Enter to start the formatting C drive.
    7. Exchange C: letter with the problematic drive.

    You can also be formatting your device through the Disk Management tools:

    1. Visit the start.
    2. Enter disk management.
    3. Choose disk management tools.
    4. Right-tap on the drive that you wish to format.
    5. Choose a format option.
    6. Here you need to follow the instruction that appears on your screen and process for the further settings.
    7. Then tap Ok on the running Window.

    When the format complete, you able to use the drive. You can also be able to install updates on your windows again and check the issue resolve if not then uses another troubleshoot that gives below.


    3) Cleaning Temporary Folders and File

    It is one of the most comfortable means to delete or remove temporary folders and files. If you are using PC or browser internet, your computer accumulates several unexpected data. These unexpected files stand for junk files that might affect your PC performance and can also be responsible for several errors code such as ERROR_CRC error code. You need to clean temporary files, and then you need to try to use the drive again.

    Here are the steps on how to clean disk in Windows 10:

    1. Visit the Start.
    2. Enter Cleanup.
    3. Start the tool.
    4. Choose the disk you wish to clean.
    5. Tap all the tools that take much space on your device, and that is not useful to you.
    6. Choose Clean up system files.

    Here are the steps on how to clean disk in Windows 7:

    1. Visit Start.
    2. Enter Disk cleanup.
    3. Launch the Disk Cleanup.
    4. In the Disk cleanup option, choose to clean up system files.
    5. Choose drivers that you wish to clean up.
    6. Tap Ok.
    7. On the disk cleans option.
    8. Choose the checkbox from those files that you wish to delete.
    9. Tap Ok.
    10. Choose Delete Files.

    4) Using Earlier Drive Letter and Changing With New One

    When the Cyclic redundancy checks the data error code occurring when you change the letter of the drive, you need to restore the earlier letter.

    Here are the steps on how to change earlier letter:

    1. Visit the Search.
    2. Enter disk management.
    3. Choose the first appeared result.
    4. Start the tools.
    5. Choose a problematic driver.
    6. Right-tap and choose to change driver paths and letters.
    7. Tap the Change option.
    8. Restore the earlier drive letter.
    9. Tap Ok.

    5) Installing Recuva and PartedMagic

    There are several users complained that PartedMagic could fix cyclic redundancy check data error. PartedMagic is a data recovering and disk partitioning tool that support several drive formats such as FAT16, HFS, etc.

    It is able to format internal drive as well as external drive, delete, move, create, partition hard drive and clone drive etc. Users can download and install PartedMagic from the official websites of Microsoft.

    6) Using Diskpart

    Users can use another tool such as diskpart command to resolve the issue cyclic redundancy check data error code. Diskpart is one of the powerful tools for the hard drive management, and allow you to detect the issue that can damage your system.

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