How to Insert a Picture Inside Text in PowerPoint

Source: How to Insert a Picture Inside Text in PowerPoint


PowerPoint is a broad collection of presentation tools and dynamic features to create spectacular presentations for exhibitions and performances. A PowerPoint presentation includes pictures and text, both having artistic features. Filling images into text is a great idea, but for some users, it’s a difficult task.

Fill for text effect mesmerizes everyone as it throws a dynamic appearance on the viewer’s mind with magnificent color combinations and various textures. A rich slide contains various cool stuff and presentation graphics, including pictures and text, but if you combine pictures and text into one place, the appearance becomes a spectacular one.

Advantages of Inserting Picture into Text

  • It attracts the audience to your presentation and makes it appealing.
  • It also throws out a boring image of black letters that are used usually.
  • It allows the user to modify the text appears on the basis of their choice as there are various color palettes and texture are available for changing color schemes.
  • Users can select Word Art to customize the style of the text to make it worth attracting.
  • Filling Text with Pictures

    If you are planning to use the image for filling into the text, you should be very careful and ensure these specs:

    1. Customize the desired text in the bold alphabet. For example Broadway and Arial Black
    2. Make sure that your text has thick lines so that you can see the image effect in your picture. The thicker the text, the more appealing your image formation.

    In case you wish to use your image as fill for text effect, then abide by these instructions:

  • In the beginning, launch a PowerPoint presentation slide on your device having text effects.
  • Then, choose your desired text into the slide.
  • Now, hit the Drawing Tools Format.
  • Next, tap on the Word Art section for selecting your desired text format.
  • Now, hit the Text Fill pull down tab and hit the Picture option there.
  • Navigate towards the area of the “Insert Picture” dialog box and select one of the given images options.
  • Note: In case you are using PowerPoint 2019, then select your desired image from File section, Online Pictures, and by navigating the From Icons tab.


    Selecting Image from System Memory

  • In case you are selecting an image from your device, then hit the option “From a File” and select your desired image file.
  • Once you have selected the image that you want to insert, hit the “Insert” tab.
  • After a while, your image will be inserted into the selected field.
  • Inserting Image from Web

    In case you wish to put your desired image from the web, then follow these offered instructions:

  • First and foremost, choose any of the search engines for your image such as Bing Image search, etc. and enter the title of your wished image followed by entering the key. For instance, we have entered “tie-dye.”
  • A list of possible images will appear on your screen, and you have to select your desired one. Scroll down for more images at the lower sections.
  • When you have searched your desired image, then hit on it and tap the Insert button to proceed.
  • Note: For avoiding copyrighted pictures, it is recommended to leave the option “Creative Commons Only” features.

    Inserting Pictures from OneDrive

    If you want to take your desired image from the OneDrive folder and directory, then you can do so by going through these mentioned guidelines:

  • At the start, choose the option “OneDrive.”
  • Then, hit on the “Personal” option.
  • You have to select the option “From a File” if you are using PowerPoint 2019 version.
  • Now, look for your desired image among folders and files where you have stored them under OneDrive.
  • When you have got your desired image that you are searching, hit on it, and then choose the option “Insert.”
  • In case, you have inserted a wrong picture by mistake that you won’t need to put into the text, then move backward or undo your action by hitting the “Ctrl” and “Z” keys simultaneously.
  • Then, select the perfect picture of your choice.
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