How to Unlock Neptune in Division 2

Division 2 has released the new season in which they have added several things along with finding Neptune. In the new season, there are five deadly bosses and a giant manhunt available for hunting down. All five bosses are Neptune, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, and then Jupiter. Among all these bosses, Jupiter is the final and most deadly boss. Getting the rewards from manhunt this season will give you three weeks’ time, which is more than enough time to achieving such a thing. In season two types of rewards are available that players can achieve. Among two rewards, the first one can be achieved by almost every player, but another reward is a premium reward in which skins, extra loot items, and vanity items are available.

The new season of Division 2 will keep manhunt going three months, and currently, their primary focus on hunting the boss Neptune. There are several rewards that are available, and even if you level up, you can get some exclusive piece of rewards. In the premium rewards, some items are extraordinary that every player can’t obtain. However, you can earn extra rewards by playing events like Global Events and League Play during the hunting of Neptune.

Unlock Neptune in Division 2

In order to unlock Neptune, there are four investigation stages available that need to be finished. There is no particular order given to complete these investigation level, so you can choose and play any of them among the four. While doing the stages, remember that you need to finish these levels in the same difficulty.


There are issues in the process, so if you change difficulty in the middle of it, you might see “haven’t done a message” on display. So just try to play on same difficulty settings for saving your progress until the issue is solved. Timing also matters during the investigation. You need to be rapid and specific on your timing while doing the investigation.

All four investigations are happening in different locations, and these following locations are West End, Roosevelt Island, Foggy Bottom, Constitution Hall. Control points are essential to get you to investigate every location and also bounty needs to be complete with Roosevelt Island, which is the only exceptional location. After completing the bounty missions of investigation, Neptune will be unlocked. While battling with Neptune, just remember there are no other activities and patrols available to interrupt at the battlefield because it could make your battle tough to win.

While battle uses your Launcher Riot Foam and the Striker Drone for deal more significant damage. It is because you can’t get close to Neptune quickly because he runs around a lot. You can only damage Neptune, but if you can stop him, it can make your battle easier against him. Winning against him cannot be easy until you use your launcher attacks or stop him in a single place. While battling with him, remember these guides on the battle to win faster.

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