How to Unlock the Banana Badge Emote in Fortnite

Fortnite brought up an amazing task for players with a new agent theme in chapter 2 of season 2. Epic Games has added a Banana emote in the game, and it is hidden somewhere in the game. This badge also represents and verifies the player if they are worthy of being a secret agent. You need to be a proper spy to find this banana emote. The banana emote hidden, which has Peely themed of the badge. This badge can be throw up in the air to check out how many secret agents are available there. But the location of the badge is completely impossible to look out if the player doesn’t know the exact location of this. But if you are excited to get it, then here is the guide of investigation for you to get a super exclusive banana to emote.

1- Get to the Brutus Room

To get the badge, you need to head to the room of Brutus and hit to his steam valves through the right procedure. Soon you will find that just spinning to the valves is not enough, but you hitting them for do the steam pour come out of that. After doing it, Peely will come up from your behind to desk, and then you can move to another room.

2- Get to the TNTina Room

In the TNTina room, you need short-circuit and overload the machine that is sitting in the back. For doing it, you need to click three times, and once you perform this, the machine will start to take some action, and after a few seconds, you will find that machine is no more. The Peely will pop out from the fridge through the right side, and then you can move to another room.


3- Get to Mr. Meowscles Room

On the tower of Cat, you will find the Cat with its small instruments of exercise. Just keep clicking there until you see that it falls from the padded pillow. After doing this activity you will see Peely creep will come up from back of tower that will show you the way of moving to the next room. It will not take to knock down the Cat, all it requires your four clicks to complete that.

4- Get to the Skye Room

In the room of Skye, you will be able to see several stars that you need to click. Among those stars, four of those are clickable. Just like the Brutus room, here also you need to click on stars on the specific order. If you follow the order, you will see Peely will come to appear without much of a problem. After that, the only final room will be left to walk through.

5- Get to the Midas Room

The final room is Midas room that needs to be entered where you need to look for a golden color music player that is available on the right side of the screen. In the same room, you will find the shorts for Deadpool. Just keep spinning the crank several timed until the Peely shows up on your face. Once you don’t this, that’s all you have to do for the badge banana emote.

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