How to Connect an iPad to TV with HDMI or Wireless Airplay

Source: How to Connect an iPad to TV with HDMI or Wireless Airplay


Connecting your iPad with your TV screen may be very useful, whenever you wish to see your photos and videos on your large TV screen. You can also play your favorite movies and shows on your TV screen. The Apple iPad supports video output and can easily be connected to any external screen. SO if you are trying to connect it to a TV, then here is how you can do so:

Connecting iPad using Apple TV

Apple TV has its own technology called AirPlay to connect other Apple devices. It is one of the features that Android users can use.

AirPlay allows you to stream your movies, photos, videos, applications, and music on your TV screen wirelessly via Wi-Fi network. For this, you need an Apple TV device or any compatible device like iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch that is running with the latest version 4.3. You can also attach your macOS because, with the new version, macOS also supports AirPlay.

Here are the steps on how to attach the iPad to the TV using Apple TV:

  1. Attach your iPad with the same network that is connected with your Apple TV.
  2. Swipe up from bottom to top of your screen to launch the control center. If you are using any application that is the same to swipe gestures, then you need to swipe up two times.
  3. Here you need to tap on the AirPlay option and then choose “Apple TV.”
  4. Now you can check when you start any video or movies on your iPad that are also visible on your Apple TV.


Using HDMI Adapter Cable to connect iPad to TV

HDMI lighting adapter is ultra-portable and displays a stable screen quality for iPad. Although, one thing you need to know that Adapter does not allow you to process “raw” in HD signals. The movies and video streaming can reflect the video quality on your TV screen.

Here are the steps on how to connect iPad to the TV using HDMI cable adapter:

  1. Attach your Digital lighting adapter to your iPad.
  2. Attach the Adapter to the TV that is using High-Speed HDMI cable.
  3. Choose the corresponding HDMI input from your TV settings.

If you are using an application with external screen support, then multimedia content will be automatically popup on your TV, such examples are here:

  1. If you are launch any presentation on your device, then it will also preview on your TV screen.
  2. If you are launch any Keynote presentation, then it will also preview on your screen automatically.
  3. If you play a video on your device, then it will play automatically on your TV screen.

 Comparing between HDMI vs. iPad Wireless connection

Advantage of Wireless method:

  • Straightforward and wireless playback for content through AirPlay.
  • You don’t need to spend more money instead of buying a cable adapter.
  • It can connect with all Apple devices like iPad iPhone and MacBook to Apple TV.
  • The drawback of Wireless method:

  • Apple TV is much costlier than an iPad HDMI adapter.
  • Apple TV also requires initial settings, and that is not easy.
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