Marvel's Spider-Man: Guide for Mission of Black Cat Hidden Doll

Source : Marvel's Spider-Man: Guide for Mission of Black Cat Hidden Doll

The virtual universe of Spider-Man came into existence in September 2018. Till now, it is kept on adding new features to the game. Gamers are pretty excited after witnessing their ideal superhero in a whole new world of Play station. Although, the game is almost 2 years old still several quests of it have become a mess for the players. The most intricate among all of them is the quest of collecting 11 Black Cat Doll. The following article is about accomplishing this quest through a specific guide and the process of it is a bit lengthy. So, it is highly suggested to be aware while reading this article to avoid any mistake.

Start the Quest

Gamers need to reach a specific point to begin this quest. and this can be easily done through the accomplishing of all the quests. Gamers need to complete all the quests to get access to Black Cat Doll’s quest. Once, players get access to the prefer mission, then they will get to know that there are a total number of 11 Cat Dolls to be located. Below we have specifically brief out the location of each:

Harlem Cat

Gamers can easily track down the location of the Cat in this area through the symbol of Insignia. Instead of this way, there is one more; gamers need to follow the murals of the cats that are located on the roof of the building in NYC.

Upper West

Gamers can easily locate the cat in the Upper West Side area through the symbols of stakeout. Instead of this way, there is one more; gamers need to follow the building in which there is two triangular-shaped windows.


Upper East Side

Gamers can easily locate the cat in the Upper East Side area by locating the building which contains a spherical roof. gamers will find a Black cat mural on the top of the building.

Two Midtown cats

This is one of the most intricate ones to locate and it can be easily done by the player by locating the building whose roof contains a Water tower. gamers will attain the first Midtown Cat in the Northern section whereas the second one lies in the Southern part.

Gamers need to head towards Stakeout and there in the right section, they will find another Black Cat mural. Inside the mural, they can easily locate the second cat of Midtown.

Two Hell Kitchen Cats

The first cat is available in the northern part of the preferred region. Gamers need to locate the cat mural on the top of the Jewelry  store and once gamers reached there, then they will find the cat on the left window.

The second cat is lying on the southern section of the preferred area and gamers need to locate the building whose roof contains Graffiti on it. Once, gamers successfully reached on the top of that roof, then they will encounter the cat inside the Ventilation Shaft.

Greenwich Cat

Gamers need to locate the building whose rooftop contains two tables alongside two Umbrellas on it. The Umbrellas can easily locate through its Orange color and there on the Right side of doorways, gamers will locate the cat.

Chinatown Cat

Gamers will find the cat in Chinatown by heading straight towards Stakeout and try to locate the building whose roof has Graffiti alongside Triangular windows. Gamers will find the doll of the cat inside one of the triangular window.

Financial District Cat

Players can easily attain the doll of the cat in the Financial District area by locating Board Structure; lies beside of stakeout of Financial District. Gamers will encounter a Black Cat doll lying on the top of the structure. 



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